The desire to preserve local culture lies at the origin of Taboadella

With a firm commitment to local culture and the preservation and dissemination of the territory, the uses and customs of Portuguese traditions, we have selected the best handicrafts from the local artisans, with different products from producers who share the same philosophy and the same love for the land, on sale in Taboadella’s Wine House and online store.

Agulha do Tempo Teas and Infusions

After six years on the Alentejo coast, where he began working with teas, José Pereira returned to Viseu with his project, Agulha do Tempo. He has a long-standing passion for infusions, so he makes a point of distinguishing them from the tea prepared from Camelis Sinensis – that has antioxidant properties, which can be divided into four types: black, white, green and red tea - which you can taste in the Taboadella Wine House.

Black pudding and traditional bread from Loriga

According to local tradition, the Black pudding was inherited from the English colony that settled in Loriga, in the 19th century, a few kilometers from the Serra da Estrela. The pudding was soon adapted to Portuguese taste and ended up becoming an exclusive product of this village, due to its unique flavour and texture. The dark colour is given by the cinnamon introduced in the recipe and together with the bread it harmonizes perfectly with Serra da Estrela cheese and Taboadella’s characteristic white wines. We don't know which one is better, the black pudding or the bread. If in doubt, it’s best to try both.

Brace’arte - Isabel Martins and the Art of the Bracejo (Malcata)

Isabel Augusta Martins, who was born in Malcata, now lives intertwined with the bracejo and harbours a tremendous desire for personal affirmation through the work that she has been developing in the art of basketweaving with the bracejo - a herb or small shrub, if we can call it that, that has always grown freely in the mountains of Malcata. Some of us may recognise bracejo from the traditional broomsticks from our grandparents' time, in everyday use. But that is not its only use, as we can see in the work of this local artisan, who enhances a local and natural resource in multiple applications and with great creativity.

Bravo de Esmolfe Apple Brandy

This apple brandy results from double distillation in a traditional copper column, by low pressure steam from the fermented must of the species known as Bravo de Esmolfe, which is the name of a parish very close to Taboadella, which guarantees the terroir suitable conditions for extreme smoothness. The producer, Amuzi Distillery, is located between the Serra da Estrela Natural Park and the protected landscape of the Serra do Açor and practices non-intensive and chemical-free agriculture.

Chocolateria Delícia Viseu

The Chocolateria Delícia Viseu was founded on June 17, 1998, by Manuela Soares. It started out as essentially a shop for gum and sweets. The interest in chocolate came naturally and quickly became a passion, now taking shape in the unique and personalised candy boxes, produced individually, that started to make a difference in the city of Viseu and are now also available at Taboadella.

Cobertor de Papa

The Cobertor de Papa (hand woven wool blankets) produced in the village of Maçainhas, near Guarda, in a region whose textile production was boosted by the Marquis of Pombal, where these blankets were often extremely profitable and lucrative to produce. Today there is only one working loom, in the Associação do Genuíno de Cobertor de Papa (Association of the Genuine Cobertor de Papa). In the summer, the thick and long churra wool from the local sheep, is spun and woven on an ancient 100% manual loom. It is then taken to the press to be washed and felted, then to the carding machine, which pulls the wool, and finally it is stretched out to dry in the sun. This is the only way to obtain a true, warm and consistent cobertor de papa, either in plain colour or coloured pattern, with its characteristic long hair, or, on request, shorter. It is up to us all to continue this magnificent art that is so traditional to the Beiras region.

Fumeiros Montemuro

Fumeiros Montemuro is a family business, now in its fourth generation, dedicated to traditional smoked sausages in the region, distinguished by the selection of meats of the finest origins, the use of natural meat casings and artesanal filling and smoking in holly firewood. All of these secrets give a very harmonious and high-quality flavour to their products. Would you like to taste these wonders?

Maria do Amparo

This local potter not only gives life to large-sized tile panels but also dishes, bowls and jars, unique hand-painted faience earthenware and works of art on sale in the shop, but that can also be enjoyed in Taboadella, now part of the family's private collection. Pieces not to be missed ... for those who appreciate good ceramics!

Sérgio Amaral

He is an experimentalist, a self-taught researcher, draughtsman, painter, sculptor and potter who tests new materials and techniques, who is especially interested in black clay. A creator of matarrachos, a name that he has invented for original forms of ancestral inspiration, several of his works are on offer in the tasting room and the Wine House shop.

Serra da Estrela cheeses - Vale da Estrela, Casa da Ínsua and Queijaria de Germil

Serra da Estrela cheese is one of the great ambassadors of the gastronomic tradition of Beira, where the natural setting produces unique pastures, used by Bordaleira da Serra da Estrela or Churra Mondegueira sheep, looked after by skilled shepherds. These cheeses had to be included within the harmonisation and traditional delicacies of Taboadella, so we selected three local producers to enable visitors to sample the flavours and traditions of each producer.