Winegrowing and winemaking

The commitment and dedication of Taboadella's employees contributes to the constant growth of the company, which, despite being a recent project, is increasingly recognized for the quality of its wines and its path in wine tourism.

The winemaking duo, Jorge Alves and Rodrigo Costa, design wines that are inspired by the vineyard’s ancestral roots, guided by the production and winegrowing skills of Ana Mota, who also manages the Quinta Nova de Nossa Senhora do Carmo estate, in the Douro.

Jorge Alves is one of Portugal’s most renowned winemakers and leads the team as a consultant. Rodrigo Costa, a resident winemaker with extensive experience in the Dão region, accepted this great challenge at Taboadella, where the duo is developing a very consistent and exemplary work.

Technical Team - Winegrowing and winemaking: from right to left: Luísa Amorim (CEO), Jorge Alves (Winemaking), Rodrigo Costa (Winemaking), Ana Mota (Production and Sustainability Department).