The Roman soul of Taboadella bears testament to its long history.

This is the indentity of Taboadella, as much in the vines as in life itself.

A unique 42-hectare vineyard

The mountain chains protect the vineyard from the Atlantic weather and bitter winds from Spain, creating a transition climate, that is apparently temperate, combining maritime and continental influences. The autumn equinox brings a marked change to the weather, and generally there are heavy rains and sometimes frost in late Spring.

The vineyards are not irrigated, maintaining traditional qualities and typicity in the 26 parcels in an ‘integrated’ system, characterised by a planting density of 3500 plants per hectare and a median production of 4000 kg por hectare.

Sustainability inspired by nature

The new winery achieves a symbiosis between sustainability and the future, with a strong connection to nature, using natural materials such as wood and cork.

The winery's architectural project, designed by the architect Carlos Castanheira, presents a simple and functional design that is perfectly framed against the forest plateau, next to the Ribeira das Fontainhas stream.

Wines with Identity

Taboadella’s wines derive from a historic terroir, which has a unique genetic heritage. Ensuring slow maturation of the grapes and leaving a mark of elegance, giving rise to classic wines of great complexity and freshness, characteristic of an identity that only Taboadella can confer.

Taboadella: Offers a unique experience in the Dão region

The Taboadella estate, owned by the Amorim family, is located on a triangular plateau in Silvã de Cima, between the Vale do Pereiro and Vale do Sequeiro valleys, in the foothills of the Serra da Estrela mountains.

Its unique location is the perfect setting for a wine tourism experience that takes visitors through the history of this estate, that has been linked to wine production for over 15 centuries.