From the Douro to the Dão

The Amorim family and wine

The Amorim family have been involved with the world of wine since 1870, when they first started producing cork stoppers for the Port Wine cellars, in Vila Nova de Gaia. Today it is one of the most renowned family groups in Portugal with businesses in many countries and many different sectors.

Since 1999, the fourth generation of the family has been involved in wine, through the capable hands of Luísa Amorim, upholding profound respect for the historical heritage and the reputation of two of Portugal’s most important wine regions. In the Dão and Douro, with a total of 127 hectares of vineyards, the Amorim family solely grows indigenous grape varieties, parcel by parcel, in a practice that combines traditional processes and sophisticated technology to produce exceptional wines.

Two estates, where the vineyards and wine have ancestral roots. Two pioneering wine tourism projects in Portugal that maintain the local culture and uphold a profound respect for the historical heritage of two great wine regions - the Douro and the Dão.

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“Detailed study of classic winemaking regions such as the Dão, has highlighted the fundamental importance of the grape variety, and although we feel that we would like to highlight our genetic heritage, we also need to have space for ancestral wines, blended wines, which are not born only in the vineyard, but also in the landscape, with the special painstaking care that allows us to rescue the essence of nature from the past and design eight wines for the future, that uphold a remarkable typicality, while maintaining the classic character of the Dão.”
Luísa Amorim, June 2019