Self Cooking

In the comfort of the home

There is no better way to experience the culture of a place than to taste the best meal and this, without a doubt, can be prepared in the comfort of home and surrounded by the best Persons in the world.

At Taboadella, the meal can be anything from an informal pizza night, a healthy family meal, a regional specialty or a small feast to a special celebration that you can always order through a local caterer.

We select a list of welcome groceries and count on our guests to bring or ask for what they need to enjoy a unique moment. In relation to wines, we know that the favorites are those from Dão, from Taboadella but it is always possible to bring some wine from the private cellar.

At Casa Villae we open the doors of our kitchen - the favorite place of most of our guests - to feel that, more than a simple stay in a house, what is important is a true culinary experience where everyone can participate, and the elected chef can use the MasterChef apron.