Wine Tourism


In a region like the Dão, there are many possibilities to learn, inspired by day-to-day life. Together with great professionals we have created experiences to enjoy life better, switch off from technology-based routines and busy schedules, which block conviviality and inner well-being.

We follow the philosophy of slow living, the benefits of learning to relate to things, live with greater affection and valuing the things that really matter. We are therefore looking for a more ecological and harmonious relationship with nature. Throughout the year we propose new suggestions, to slow down, take a break and improve our well-being.

The proposals are diversified and include experience in collecting míscaro mushrooms, basket-weaving, production of cheeses and sweets, preparation of teas and infusions, ceramics and other traditional arts.

Approximate duration: 2:00 | 2:30 hours
Number of people: Min. 8 | Max. 24

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T. +351 967 116 877