It is in Silvã de Cima next to the Taboadella vineyard that a natural stone lagar at monolithic boulder is built in the vines not far from the house, this is one of the oldest examples of the history of winemaking in the Dão region., contrasts with the contemporary architecture cellar built with natural materials such as oak and cork, with a large veranda from where it’s possible to see in just one glance all the vineyard area surrounded by an immense forest. Here, the past and future complement each other. The wines originate in the vineyard and the landscape, with patient and special care that has enabled us to recover from the past the essence of nature and project great wines into the future with a remarkable typicality maintaining the ancestral character of the Dão region.

The Roman Villae

They descended the mountains towards the north; settled in the gentle hills in Silvãs and Rio de Moinhos. It seems that the cold and solid granites originated light, permeable, poor soils which are brimming with energy. Where the vines continue to be representatives of a distant epoch, that has remained unchanged since the last ice age. The warm winds of late summer from the Iberian Plateau have a marked influence on the Dão wines. They contrast with the cold temperatures from the highlands of the Serra da Estrela, that accompany us throughout the annual cycle, here we can achieve the structure and fluidity of moderate heat with the freshness and textures associated to high altitude.
That is what makes this place unique.

The Villae are blended unoaked wines that highlight the character of the Taboadella grape variety. Intense, they are delicately scented, lighter, with soft tannins and refreshing acidity.

The Classic Grape Varieties of the Dão

In classic wine regions, such as the Dão, the grape variety assumes a fundamental role. We are talking about the identity, of the Dão region - its character, perfume, colour, longevity, fluidity, adaptability, complexity, affinity with wood. The identification of the region.

At Taboadella we wanted to reveal the potential of each of our classic grape varieties.

The Monovarietais Reserva (single variety reserve wines) are the result of a selection of plots that during the growing season have always been highly balanced, thereby making it possible to obtain unique and highly personalised wines, some rather proud and even haughty; but all of which unequivocally reveal their origin.

Grande Villae

When we return to the land, at each step we count the geology, where the aromas of pine, rosemary and carrasco remind us of distant times, when a small community of women, men and children, lived in harmony with the produce of the land, which gave them a rich life, we also inevitably think about balances,
respecting what nature offers us in a free and generous manner every day.

Grande Villae of Taboadella is one of the elements that has been handed down over generations, through community life, a waning and harsh agriculture, the roughness of the passage of time and the simplicity of life. Each sip makes us recall the aromas from former times and each gulp reveals the texture, verticality and strength of this place in the Dão region.

Grande Villae wines have a rare classic structure - a reference to Taboadella’s Roman era, a tribute to its ancestry.

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