The Vineyard

A Unique Vineyard

Taboadella consists of 40 hectares of vineyards lying between Vale do Pereiro and the Vale do Sequeiro, in a high triangular plateau of 400 - 530 m altitude, with gentle slopes towards the Southeast, and a sunny exposition to the south and west. The mountain chains protect the vineyard from the Atlantic weather and the bitter winds from Spain, resulting in a microclimate perfectly located where maritime and continental influences meet. The autumn equinox brings a marked change to the weather, and generally there are heavy rains and sometimes frost to greet the end of Spring.

The vineyards are not irrigated, maintaining traditional qualities and typicity in the 18 parcels in an ‘integrated’ system, characterised by a planting density of 3500 plants per hectare and a median production of 4000 kg por hectare. In the 1980s the vineyard was partially replanted, with Tinta Roriz and Encruzado, Cerceal-Branco and Borrado das Moscas (Bical) being introduced. Today the average age of the vines is 30 years, but we still have some that are more than 100!

40 hectares of vineyards lying between Vale do Pereiro and the Vale do Sequeiro

Red Grapes
(30,5 ha)

Vinhas velhas (field blend) - 1%
Touriga Nacional - 5,8%
Jaen - 17%
Tinta Pinheira - 18%
Tinta Roriz - 39%

White Grapes
(9,5 ha)

Borrado das Moscas - 41%
Encruzado - 20%
Malvasia-Fina - 32%
Cerceal - 6%

Soils with Character

The Taboadella vineyard was planted on easily worked quartz-granite soils, with low water retention capacity, normally with a shallow amount of workable soil. This combination results from different processes in the palezoic era: the oldest is a fine granular soil that’s been well eroded, and the other has much more robust crystal dimensions where feldspar dominates often a centimetre in dimension. This genetic and historic inheritance at Taboadella, with vines planted in these soils at 400 - 530 m of altitude, gives slow maturation and great elegance, complexity and freshness; a unique character, that only Taboadella can confer on its own vines.

Planted in soils at 400 - 530 m of altitude
Complexity and freshness, a unique character
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