Brunch on the balcony at Tabodella's Winery

From the large balcony, you can see Casa Villae 1255, where you can take in the magnificent single stretch of 41 ha of vineyards at a glance, as if enjoying a Great Wine.

Our balcony is the perfect spot to eat brunch, allowing you to feel the force of Nature and the Dão forest, an idyllic panorama where time passes by too quickly.

Subject to advance booking | Min. 14 Persons | Max. 42 Persons

Operating times:
Available from Tuesday to Saturday
10:00 reception of guests
10:30 start of activity
14:00 end of activity

per person
Brunch includes:
  • Duck rice roasted in the oven
  • Meat bread
  • Sautéed vegetables
  • Salads
  • Vegetable cream soup
  • Platter of cheeses and sausages, regional breads, crackers and jams
  • Sliced fruit, crème brûlée, Vouzela pastries and bean pastries
  • Water, coffee and tea

Wine Moment option not included.

Classic Wine Moment (€17,00 per person): Taboadella Villae white and Taboadella Villae red & Taboadella Jaen Reserva red

Premium Wine Moment (€47,00 per person): Taboadella Encruzado Reserva white , Taboadella Alfrocheiro Reserva red, Taboadella Grande Villae white and Taboadella Grande Villae red

Vintage Wine Moment (€70,00 per bottle): Opening Quinta Nova Vintage Port wine 2000 with heated tongs

Wines subject to stock availability.

Reservation request

Brunch on the balcony at Tabodella's Winery