Visits to the region

Fascinating landscapes, manor houses, historic villages, modern wineries... there is much to discover in the Beira region. Venture into the region, meet the welcoming people, tread the earth and breathe the pure air of the mountains and rivers. In addition to the countless wineries you can visit and where you can taste some delicious Dão wines, there are many other places that await your visit.

In Penalva do Castelo take a walk along the Rota dos Cenários do Passado (Route of Scenarios from the Past), a circular route, in a rural environment, which covers the village that was the birthplace of the Bravo do Esmolfe Apple, where you can enjoy a vast geological, archaeological and landscape heritage.

Travel to Mangualde and explore the beautiful historic centre or be dazzled by the Palace of the Counts of Anadia, considered to be one of the most beautiful noble palaces in the Beira Alta region.
The Museum of Sacred Art, the Cathedral and the Mata do Fontelo Woodlands are some of the places you must visit in Viseu.

Alongside all the historical and cultural heritage, you can also delight yourself with the flavours of the Beira region's gastronomy in numerous spaces that preserve the typical local dishes.

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